QR code in digital marketing

"QR Code + Mobile Website = Good Marketing"


7 awesome QR code marketing campaigns (Millward, 2014).

QR codes is an efficient linkage between online and offline in this digital marketing. QR code is going to replace the URL in the future in many ways. It provides a more direct and convincing way to influence customers and gain the competitive advantages within the market.

Wechat and QR code

Wechat as the world’s biggest group messaging app, it reached 100 million users in the past decades. Until 2016, there are 1.1 billion people have their own Wechat accounts. The figure also shows that there are nearly 12 million corporation accounts. That number indicates that Wechat is act as a social media marketing platform, allowing blogs, newspapers, TV shows, brands, and celebrities to promote directly. It makes things easier for people to add friends through phone numbers, personal QR code, which also used by companies to engage with customers on their official WeChat accounts. Facebook and Twitters do not have this function. Other things very common in China that is customers can use the money they saved in the Wechat balance or the money Wechat have withdrawn from customers’ personal bank account (after authorised) to pay the money for the goods or service via QR codes at the cash-desk.

Get new Facebook followers for your shop

As the photo shows at the start, one shopping mall hired four QR mascots presents as shopping bags with large QR code. The company can provide promotion campaign to attract potential customers and reward the loyalty customers by encouraging a trial of a product.  On the other hand, customers also need to “Like” company’s page to win a gift or discount through scan the QR code and join the membership of the business. Since it is important for a company to expand their customer list to gain more market shares. There is a feedback said that it almost doubled the mall’s Facebook Followers.

After reading this blog, have your tried QR code function before? Please come and share with us!

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3 thoughts on “QR code in digital marketing

  1. nice blog. QR Code is very convenience and popular with Chinese cause the WeChat, but in the Australia, there is 65.8% of the population use Facebook which does not have this function. So that how the QR Code become the useful and common digital marketing in Australia?


    1. Thanks for your reply, I think the development of QR code is kind of a business card to introduce their company or individuals to customers. Businesses can show their unique QR code to improve their customer base through providing some special promotions or encourage free trial. I think it is a good way to engage themselves with their clients and build a strong relationship with them through post some new campaign on their public account rather than send an email to individual’s email addresses. Since we all know that most of the times the company’s email will be treated as a junk mail. Most of the customers are unwilling to check those email. But they might do a daily check of the Facebook pages. Therefore, I think the QR code will play an role in the future, especially on communication and increase the brand awareness.


    2. By the way, it is persuasive to use the figure to support the opinion. There is some evidence shows that most of companies are believe that the use of QR code can help companies to increase their ROI. And it is a most cost-saving way for a company to show themselves to the public. Therefore, I can prospect that the proportion of using QR code will get stronger in Australia.


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