The future is now- using AR and VR in digital marketing

Pokemon GO in real Life. (Youtube, 2016).

“Virtual Reality can act as a brand’s storytelling.”—-

Every moment you live is the future of the past. The world looks virtual means the future is coming to us. There is an expectation shows that more than 200 million virtual reality headsets will be sold within the next decades. How amazing it is! It seems like our life starts a new era. What we called science fiction movies have become a part of our life.

There is a study shows that 75% of the Forbes’ World’s Most Successful Brands have corporate with VR and AR products. Undoubtedly,  the use of high-technology products will become attractive as time goes on. The business relates their product to VR products are likely to generate high profit due to the better customers’ experiences has been provided.


“Pokemon Go – Addictive, stupidly addictive.” A 32 years-old customer’s comment.

Only one month, the Pokemon Go becomes the most successful mobile game. The table below shows that cuctomers’ usage time on social media apps.

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 9.17.42 PM.png

(Figure comes from 10 Reasons from real user: why is Pokemon GO so addictive).

Walking around after the dinner, you will find Pokemon catchers of all ages and genders.  It is very common to say there are little group catchers with big smiles on their faces. That is the magic of Virtual Reality!

Customers like this game not because fans watched Pokémon in their childhood. But also due to VR has the potential to be an incredibly communication tool. In today’s digital world, people still looking for good way to touch with friends. Customers can see different advertising every day, and most of them are always the same. There are many ways to build brand awareness for an organization and VR has a major role to play going forwards.

"In particular, 
have the tools to enhance 
the storytelling experience. 
It may take a little trial and error,
 but in the right hands, 
VR and storytelling have 
the potential to take the 
consumer experience 
to a whole new level."



6 thoughts on “The future is now- using AR and VR in digital marketing

  1. Nice post! Also, I love Pokemon Go! I still remember that game was released last year, and I spent lots of time on it because I always find the digital monsters outside with my friends through my smartphone screens. Hahaha, it was so crazy! The reason that why this game is so popular primary because the VR product is so unique and fun. In addition, many of the VR campaigns are same because they have a clear message delivered by storytelling. Also, they create a new experience for their users that they have never tried before. And the intensity of a VR experience is greater than traditional media that generate a strong emotion in users’ mind. Moreover, the 3D or 4D movie is popular in recent year, I think that is also VR product because audiences will have a truly immersive experience. Overall, VR is the orientation of the future marketing!

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    1. Thanks for your reply! There is a indeed predicts that the use of AR and VR will affect the sales of products and services in B2B and B2C. Augmented reality truly gained mainstream attention in 2016 with the release of Pokémon Go. There also some examples related to the use of AR and VR in companies when doing digital marketing. For instance, apps allow customers to virtually furnishing their house (IKEA catalogue), try on hairstyle, make-up, or clothes (ModiFace and Webcam Social Shopper), or put a funny spin on your selfies (Snapchat and Faceu). Moreover, Pekémon Go was successful because it links the applications with customers experience quite close. Therefore, I have reason to believe that the use of AR and VR will become the future trend of digital marketing.


  2. Thank you Rachel! Very interesting article! Recent years, nearly every part of our business and personal lives have been improved through technology and innovation’s touch in some way, shape or form. I have also posted a blog about AR and VR technology few weeks ago. As I was mentioned in my blog, AR and VR would be more and more extensively applied during the daily marketing activities, because these technologies will create an inspirational shopping experience for customers!!! And by the way, one of my dream is keeping a Kodakku😊.

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    1. Thank you for your reply. I think as the technology develops, you will have your own Kodakku someday, that’s not a big question. Marketers can do anything now!!! There are more opportunities than ever to present information to users in ways that keep them interacting with the real world. Furthermore, I think there are three trends that the marketers can pay more attention to such as turning fun and games into paying customers, try it all with AR-enhance sampling. For clothing, accessory, and makeup companies, AR presents a new way to show customers what it will be like to use or wear their products. Moreover, the marketers need to post the right information at the right time and place to attract potential customers and achieve a higher profit.


  3. Hi Rachel,
    Thank you for post.
    I work as a project assistant for property development.
    VR is apparently a huge thing in property development now.
    House hunting will be much easier and efficient if you can stay home and do the inspection.

    Great post


    1. Thanks for your reply Julio. Use VR to replace the normal inspection sounds actionable. It also is a cost-saving for both property company and clients, since they do not need to spend money and time to get there, then the inspection just takes maximum ten mins. For me, one of the tenants, I expect this will come true someday. Moreover, I know that Realestate had launched an application called “Realestate virtual reality“. This app lets clients move through some amazing spaces. Whether they are researching floor plans or collecting ideas, grab the headset and controller and be prepared to make themselves at home.


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