Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

What is Artificial Intelligence? (Youtube, 2017).

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the automation of activities that people relate to human thinking, such as decision-making, problem-solving and learning. Digital marketing has achieved the goal emphasis on customer experience and the use of digital market to create an strong brand image and company reputation.

According to the CES 2017 in LA which shows that Virtual reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) become acceptable for digital marketing. Therefore, it is improtant for marketers to work ahead before customers have a sense of AI and VR.

AI is the
way to creating the 
best customer moments.

Achievement of AI in  Today’s Marketing

AI in digital marketing influences customers in some ways to make their life easier. The better apply of AI is creating smarter customers’  experiences. For instance, more and more companies are willing to invest money in improving user experience through introducing the Virtual Reality for customers to having a trial of their product in real-life. Using this technology, the imagination of post-purchase experience become accessible and vivid. It is a good way to encourage purchase and generate extraordinary buying experience.

The Future Prospection of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

AI could either make dreams come true or ruin everything .

With the development of technology, more and more customers are willing to be an innovator or adopter for emerging technologies such as Driverless cars. The generation of AI products can maximum extent reduce the labour cost and also achieve high productivity.

Somehow,  there is an article listed some thing that AI could help the company to do better marketing in the future, such as website Designing and optimisation. Artificial Intelligence is slowly influence customers’ daily lives. Increasing number of marketers are using AI to promote their campaigns and provide better user experiences. AI is helping marketers to learn about the trends of markets and customers.
When digital marketing is creating new opportunities for marketing, the use of artificial intelligence take marketing to new era. Last but not the least, AI are able to replace the workload of human beings, and completing work faster and easier.

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2 thoughts on “Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

  1. Nice post! The Artificial Intelligence is convenient for us. The reason that are marketers and consumers have to depend on artificial intelligence because it is a tool and technology to automate their work and reduce manual effort. Although it looks complex, artificial intelligence technology is fairly simple technology. It can be used for various purposes. It saves time and provides a plethora of benefits. The benefits of artificial intelligence are both for individuals as well as corporate bodies. Also, in my blog, I talk about the Siri within iPhone and I think that is an example of Artificial Intelligence.

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    1. Thanks for your reply, I’m gonna have a look at your post about Siri. I think it is a fascinating application for me. People can ask Siri to do almost everything on their phone without click any bottoms. See how convenient it is. Therefore, I have reason to believe that the development of AI will take a big part of people’s life in the future. Those things that marketers need to consider to achieve high customers’ experience, such as human intervention and control must support AI and its adoption within these businesses as it becomes the foundation for customer’s experience. It’s important to test, learn and develop technology in ways that keep in step with the lightning-fast pace of change.

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