The marketing revolution of Canon


Canon is a Japanese multinational corporation specialised in the manufacture of imaging and optical products. It used to produce optical glasses and cameras. With the development of the technology, almost everyone has a camera on their smartphone in the digital age. The consumption of the camera is decreasing. As I remembered that my parents had bought a camera 20 years ago, they want to use the picture to record the family time. But now I even can not found this camera. It has been forgotten due to all of my family members have their self-phone which is more convenient and multifunctional than a camera.

All marketers should have the market sensitivity which is an ability to catch the trend of products and predict the development of goods. Taking appropriate action before the customers have realised the changing of the environment. Therefore, this blog is going to talk about how Canon can stay relevant in the digital era.

One of the Canon marketing campaigns is “there is a ‘good enough’ attitude in the marketplace. ” The marketers believe that they need to overcome this opinion by engaging their company culture to the audiences. If the customers want to take a extreme quality photo and video, it can not achieve without a Powershot (Canon products). This campaign is most likely to target the customers who care about the high-tech products should have a Canon.

To match with the digital era, Canon keeps launching their product to satisfy customers’ need and gain the market share. And also generating novel advertisements to capture customers’ eyes. As Canon travel further into the digital future, the company bringing its new generation electronic products and marketing concept to customers.


Such products like newspapers, Kindle also need to consider about their development in the digital era. What actions should they take to overcome the situation?


3 thoughts on “The marketing revolution of Canon

  1. Hi everyone, I have read news it said that “Amazon set up a bookstore in the heart of the publishing industry in New York.” It is interesting that Amazon used to forcibly occupied the market share of bookstore through selling e-books online in previous years. Now there is a potential market for bookstores with physical stores. Then Amazon takes some actions to counter their online bookstore. See how smart marketers are! Do you have any thoughts please feel free to drop a comment.


  2. Nice Post! Have you ever heard the Casio’s TR series? According to a report from Nikkei Asian Review, Casio is on-track to make a $403 million profit this year, and a good part of that has come from the sale of its unusually shaped EX-TR compact cameras that the company has designed to appeal to female selfie shooters. Therefore, the creativity in taking selfie has grown by leaps and bounds in the recent years.


    1. Thanks for your sharing. I have heard this series of products that help Casio earned lots of money in the past five years. But now, some electronic products manufacturing in China take out reaction to Casio’s TR series. The new product launched called “Meitu T8 selfie phone” which is specifically built for taking selfies. The link here is a US customers shared her post-purchase feedbacks about Meitu T8 Selfie Phone.


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