The prospect of the interstitial advertisements

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Interstitial, also referred to as banner or pop-up ads, may be calling on death’s door. The picture above is a screenshot from Youtube. There is a paid interstitial video advertisement before every video on Youtube. However, there also is a function called Youtube red which means that customers can set their website to  skip the advertisement automatically.

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In the beginning, interstitial ads had been praised for their attention-grabbing ability by most of the marketers and companies. But now, marketers and advertisers found it difficult to measure the impact that this intrusive ad format is not as efficient as before. There is evidence shows that interstitial ads are now proven to lead to higher bounce rates and lower conversion rates. Due to a study found that when users were presented with an interstitial ad, 69% of visits abandoned the page entirely. Therefore, interstitial ads have led Google to take some actions to decrease the SEO ranking for sites that continue to use pop-up and banner ads.

The risen of the ad blocking software seems to solve those problems related to the interstitial ads. Also, marketers need to improve their ability to attract customers rather than interfere with their purchase and browsing experience.

However, most of the user generated contents reflect that the video has become the best advertising feature. According to a survey, there are 37% of internet user (based on a 2,000 sample size) said they prefer companies to communicate with them through video rather than other digital marketing campaigns. Therefore, the advertiser and marketer need to create new marketing campaigns to instead the achievement of interstitial ads. Such as using the inter scroller ads to replace the interstitial ads; use the video ads to replace pop-up ads.

For digital marketing advertisers and marketers to engage with their target audiences, they must adapt to the ever-evolving demands and expectations of Internet users with the new creative formats that designed to optimise user experience.

After reading this blog, do you think where the interstitial ads will go in the future?


2 thoughts on “The prospect of the interstitial advertisements

  1. Nice post! I often see the Trivago’s ads on YouTube and I cannot skip it. Hahaha. The interstitial ad has a link to skip the ad and a countdown message before the ad closes and redirects the visitor back to the original content page. If the visitor clicks on this ad, a new window will open displaying the landing page of the advertiser’s website and will therefore not interfere with the navigation within your website.
    After viewing the ad, or clicking on the “Skip This Ad” button, the visitor resumes to view the original web page. But sometime the ads cannot skip and the audience will fell unhappy. In that way, the ads will leave a bad impression in audiences’ mind. On the other hand, for me, I usually watch the drama in the night. At this point, the Hungry Jack plays the ads between the drama, so, I will feel so hungry. In this way, the interstitial ad will give me some advices that what should I eat now.

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  2. Thanks, Xin. You said that the interesting interstitial ads make you want to purchase the product. However, the annoyed and distributing interstitial ads always waste customers time and produce bad brand awareness related to the company. It can further think about that the inefficient interstitial ads always lose businesses cost to spend on those types of digital marketing campaigns. Therefore, optimising the use of interstitial advertising campaigns can help companies to build favourable brand awareness and further become a top of mind brand in someday.


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