The power of celebrity in digital marketing

There is a fairly universal phenomenon which people should have realised that is called “Celebrity Effect” in digital marketing campaigns. Especially for audiences who do their daily checking on Instagram. Since it helps to achieve the higher return to business, more and more organisation such as cosmetic companies, clothing companies and shoe companies are willing to invest money on celebrity marketing.

Celebrity marketing is the process of using a celebrity’s image, endorsement or use of a product or service to convince other people to follow their behaviour. For customers, the endorser like a marketing savvy who are most likely to provide some useful information for their purchase.

The women – Chiara Ferragni is a good example of Celebrity Effect who has around 8.6million followers on Instagram. Her fans are likely to call her  “The top blogger in the universe”. Customers are willing to spend time and money to copy her dressing style and purchase the products that she has purchased. WechatIMG1

As her personal profile said “Public Figure” she not only has several unique hashtags such as #theblondesalad, and also established a company using her name called – Chiara Ferragni Collection with the symbolic and sparkling eyes. When it comes to celebrity branding, there is lots of power in a celebrity attaching a name to a product or service. When it comes to digital marketing, there are nearly 16.2k posts, which a huge number for an Instagram account and also shows that she wants to maintain the blogs in a highly visible status to influence her followers every time and everywhere.


There is no doubt that Chiara Ferragni has achieved her fashion career very successful and also use the digital marketing platform to do self-marketing and reached a good sale volume at e-Shop since her business ventures grossed about $8 million (mostly from her Chiara Ferragni Collection footwear) in 2014.

One more thing I want to mention is that as many companies focusing on digital marketing, Chiara Ferragni Collection also sell their products on shopping websites such as Farfetch. The picture below it is a screenshot from my Instagram, that is what I’m found when I doing my daily check on Instagram. This kind of Instagram shoppable post with the “Sponsored” label which is Farfetch paid advertising, customers can make a purchase directly by clicking the “shop now” button, then the page will turn to the shopping website directly. Customers can make a purchase within 5 minutes.   WechatIMG7

Have you tried to use your social media account to influence others behaviour?


2 thoughts on “The power of celebrity in digital marketing

  1. Celebrities can be very effective for businesses to market their product, however there must somewhat of a link between the product and the celebrity. Personally I have not used my social media account to influence other people, but I’m not a celebrity, I don’t think I’d very influential anyway.

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    1. Thanks for your reply!
      Why not? You even can not image how your post-purchase experience will influence others purchase decision in somehow. So have a try to share your knowledge or experience related to any products or brand. You will find there are many people have the same interests to you. Or you may have some experiences that your purchasing behaviour been influenced by others shared information. In this digital era, anything is possible! Just believe yourself!


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